Automatic Electric Gates

Automatic Electric Gates

Automatic Electric Gates

Automatic Electric Gate Repair by Arizona’s Garage Door Doctor

Arizona’s Garage Door Doctor not only works on garage doors, we also specialize in the service and repair of electric gates in Phoenix AZ  (also known as an auto gate, electrical gate, electronic gate, automatic gates or motorized gates). We are experts in all major brands fully able to maintain, service and install electric gate equipment.

Whether you need to repair a single component of the gate system or the entire system we can do it all. Call us today at 602-495-1555.

Automatic Electric Gate Openers detectors

Common Automatic Electric Gate Repairs

Some of the common gate problems that Arizona’s Garage Door Doctor will professionally repair include: broken gate openers, gates stuck in open or closed position, gates not responding to remotes, keypads, or pressure pads, gates not reversing with infrared safety sensors, gates opening on their own, broken hinges, rusted or sagging gates, bent pickets, and more.

Automatic Electric Gate Maintenance Program

Depending on the workload of your gate, Arizona’s Garage Door Doctor recommends preventative maintenance be performed monthly for industrial gates, quarterly for commercial gates and semi-annually for residential gates. Preventative maintenance includes lubrication of moving parts, safety system testing, and inspection of all parts to detect wear patterns that may lead to failure.

Automated Electric Gates Only

Arizona’s Garage Door Doctor only works on automatic electric gates.  If you have another system that is in need of replacing, we would recommend that you talk to us about the automatic electric gates.  As those are the most reliable gates, they are the only types we install and repair.

Automatic Electric Gate Partners

Arizona’s Garage Door Doctor has several partnerships with the best automatic gate suppliers.  During our time in business, we have found that the most reliable automatic electric gates come from LiftMaster, Viking, Linear, DKS, Cell-Gate, Nice/Hisecurity, and Maxx gate suppliers.

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