Commercial Overhead Doors

Commercial Overhead Doors by Arizona’s Garage Door Doctor.

Commercial Overhead Doors are workhorses. Businesses rely on their doors for security, convenience, and access. Commercial doors have to work or the business doesn’t. That’s why businesses rely on Arizona’s Garage Door Doctor for installation, maintenance, and repairs for their overhead doors.

Commercial roll up doors by Arizona's Garage Door DoctorCommercial Overhead Door Styles

Commercial Overhead Doors come in several styles depending on the need. Roll up or curtain doors work well in areas without a lot of head room. Sectional doors which are constructed like residential garage doors are often found in open warehouses. Where there is room, sectional doors can be modified to vertical lift or high lift to keep the door out of the warehouse.

commercial overhead door in phoenix az

Sectional Commercial Overhead Doors

Sectional commercial doors are basically large, heavier versions of residential garage doors. Where the concept is the same, these doors can be adapted to suit many needs. They can be outfitted with a variety of opening systems and options for overhead tracking which include standard lift, vertical lift, angle lift, high lift or a combination of these. Sectional doors are typically simple to maintain, and parts are readily available if needed.

sectional commercial overhead door

Roll Up Commercial Overhead Doors

Roll Up commercial doors are smaller more flexible overhead doors. They are built without overhead tracking systems which can be ideal for warehouses with vertical storage needs. These doors can be made of flexible sheet steel, pivoting steel slats, or grills depending on the security needs of the business. The downside to these doors is they are limited in the type of opening systems that can be used and are difficult to maintain. If damaged, parts for these types of doors are not easily exchangeable and often times result in replacement the entire door.

roll up commercial overhead door

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