Glendale Garage Door Motor Repairs

garage door opener repairIf you suddenly find out that you need Glendale garage door motor repairs from Arizona’s Garage Door Doctor, you’re probably wondering what to expect. When you choose us, you can rest assured we’ll take care of your garage door motor repairs in Glendale AZ as quickly and efficiently as possible. We know you want to get on with your day, so we’ll do whatever we can to make that happen as fast as we can.


What to Expect

When you call us for Glendale garage door motor repairs, one of our technicians will come out to determine why your problem is happening, and then recommend the best course of action. We’ll ask you a few questions as well, such as when you first noticed a problem, the approximate age of your opener (as well as your door), and when the opener was last serviced.

We won’t be doing this to be nosy. It will be important to ask these questions. The biggest reason is that if your opener is old, you might wind up needing garage door motor repairs in Glendale AZ more often as time goes by. If the problem is serious enough, you might simply be better off with an entirely new opener.

Once your garage door motor repairs in Glendale AZ are done, we can tell you how to maintain your door so that it keeps performing for you for years to come. The best thing you can do will call on us to provide maintenance at least once every 12 months. We can lubricate any components that need it, and make any other adjustments that might be necessary.

While different repair jobs take different amounts of time, you can expect your job to last about two hours or so. If you choose to have a new garage door opener, or a new door installed, it will take a few hours more.

The experts with Arizona’s Garage Door Doctor are ready to take care of all your Glendale garage door motor repairs. Set an appointment by calling 602-495-1555 or contacting us online.