Glendale Garage Door Opener Installations

LiftMaster 8160 Garage Door OpenerA lot of homeowners get in touch with us for Glendale garage door opener installations because they know we’re experts. After all, we’ve been performing garage door opener installations in Glendale AZ for more than a quarter of a century. One of the biggest reasons people call us is that their garage door is way too loud. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you need a new opener. Here’s how we usually find out.


Visual Inspections

When you contact one of our experts in Glendale garage door opener installations, we’ll first take a close look at your door. The noise might be due to the opener – it could be due to the door itself. Your professional will pull down on the emergency release rope, putting the door in manual mode.

We’ll then use the wall control or remote to activate the opener. The opener should run, but it won’t open the door. If the opener is operating quietly, then that’s not the problem. If it is loud, then we’ll see if the opener needs to be repaired. We perform a lot of garage door opener installations in Glendale AZ, but we’ll never try to force them on a customer. If a repair will fix your problem, that’s what we’ll recommend.



If the problem doesn’t require our expertise in garage door opener installations in Glendale AZ, the issue with loudness might just be that some internal components need to be lubricated. We use a lightweight spray lubricant on the rollers and hinges – that will more than likely make your door operate a lot more quietly.


Checking Rollers and Bearings

There’s a chance, however, that lubrication won’t work. If that proves to be the case, then the rollers and bearings may need to be replaced. We know how to do this quickly and safely, and we also do it at a fair price.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Arizona’s Garage Door Doctor and take advantage of our experience in Glendale garage door opener installations. Set an appointment by contacting us online or calling 602-495-1555.