Goodyear Garage Door Motor Repairs

At Arizona’s Garage Door Doctor, we’ve seen a lot of cases where homeowners take the do-it-yourself approach to Goodyear garage door motor repairs. They want to save a few bucks, and, since they’re pretty handy with tools, they think they can take on this kind of job themselves. These DIY garage door motor repairs in Goodyear AZ typically fail – sometimes pretty spectacularly. We don’t want to you get hurt, so please don’t try to do this on your own. Get in touch with one of our experts instead.


Safety Concerns

The biggest reason you should always turn to an expert for Goodyear garage door motor repairs is that DIY repair jobs simply aren’t safe. This not only goes for garage door motor repairs in Goodyear AZ, but any other type of garage door repairs.

For example, there’s a good chance that your garage door uses torsion springs. These are under an incredible amount of pressure – you’ll usually find them right above the door. If a spring should break for some reason, it can send sharp pieces of steel hurtling through the air at a tremendous speed. If you should happen to be hit by one, the consequences could be devastating.

Another reason not to try your own garage door motor repairs in Goodyear AZ is that you’re going to need to climb up a ladder. If you fall and hit the floor, that could lead to a severe injury – or even worse.

There are some instances where DIY garage door repairs lead to a collapse. Garage doors can weigh as much as 500 pounds. If it falls, that can obviously result in a potentially fatal injury. Even if no one is hurt, a falling door could destroy whatever happens to be underneath.


Let Us Take Care of Your Repairs

There’s really no good reason to try Goodyear garage door motor repairs on your own. At Arizona’s Garage Door Doctors, we always charge a fair price for all of the different repairs we offer. DIY repairs are simply not worth the risk. Schedule an appointment by contacting us online or calling 602-495-1555.