Mesa Garage Door Opener Installations

LiftMaster 8160 Garage Door OpenerThere are a lot of companies that offer Mesa garage door opener installations. Unfortunately, not all of them care for their customers as well as Arizona’s Garage Door Doctor cares for ours. We’re experts in garage door opener installations in Mesa AZ. But if you really don’t need a new opener, we won’t try to convince you otherwise. There are quite a few companies that will try to capitalize when people aren’t garage door experts. They’ll try to sell them something they don’t need, because they only care about making a profit. We don’t work that way. If your door is having problems, try these troubleshooting tips first.


The Door Doesn’t Close

Try checking the safety sensors before you call any companies that perform Mesa garage door opener installations. The sensors are in place to keep the door from closing when they detect something in the way. That keeps the door from crushing a child, a car or anything else. Fixing a faulty sensor is much cheaper than calling experts in garage door opener installations in Mesa AZ.

But do the sensors need fixing, or are they just misaligned? They should light up when they don’t detect anything. If they’re not directly across from each other, then they won’t allow the door to close. We can come out and take a look if you think you have a sensor problem.


The Door Doesn’t Open

Don’t automatically assume you need the help of a company that does garage door opener installations if you have this problem. Hopefully, you have the emergency key that will allow you to access the emergency release cable. Pull down the rope. If the door doesn’t open, it’s probably an issue with the door itself rather than the opener.

The professionals with Arizona’s Garage Door Doctor will be ready to help, whether you’re looking for Mesa garage door opener installations or you need one of the other services we offer. You can schedule an appointment by giving us a call at 602-495-1555 or using our convenient online contact form.