Scottsdale Overhead Garage Door Companies

Having trouble with your overhead door? Our skilled technicians repair all makes and models of overhead doors, including commercial overhead doors. We lead other Scottsdale overhead garage door companies because we work hard to earn your business by providing fast response times, as well as clear explanations of the work needed to fix your problem.


We know how important your garage door is, especially if you are a business owner that counts on an overhead door to conduct daily operations. That’s why we train our technicians on the latest technologies and equip them with the right tools to repair all kinds of overhead garage doors, so that you can rest easy knowing that your garage is secure:

  • Troubleshooting Chain Drive Issues – The track is made up of several pieces that can become damaged over time through normal use. Pro technicians from overhead garage door companies in Scottsdale AZ will also know how to check rollers that are prone to wear and tear and often result in uneven movement and excessive noise when moving over tracks.
  • Common Belt Drive Problems – Improper belt drive installation can sometimes cause the door to bind up and not open or close right. In addition to installation problems, if your overhead garage door is sagging in the middle, your technician will check the springs to see if any of them are loose so the door doesn’t come crashing down.
  • Broken Screw Drive Mechanism – The process Scottsdale overhead garage door companies typically use for fixing this issue involves locating and removing the broken screw mechanism, then replacing it with a new one before putting everything back together again.


We understand that a malfunctioning overhead door can really mess up your workday by compromising delivery schedules or production times. Whether you are a business owner, manager or home owner, when time is of the essence, you need overhead garage door companies in Scottsdale AZ that provide a wide range of services, such as:

  • Repairs
  • Upgrades
  • Maintenance
  • New Installations


When it comes to Scottsdale overhead garage door companies who do repair and installation, there is no one that can beat our service. In addition, we are experts at troubleshooting, so you know that you will get a reliable solution whenever you call upon us for help. Contact Arizona’s Garage Door Doctor today at 602-495-1555.