Tempe Garage Door Roller Replacements

There are quite a few companies that offer Tempe garage door roller replacements, but none of them have more skill or experience than the experts with Arizona’s Garage Door Doctor. When you need garage door roller replacements in Tempe AZ, you should always turn to us first. We’ll give you an exact quote over the phone, so the price we tell you is what you’ll pay. That’s not necessarily the case with some companies, who instruct their technicians to charge as much as they can.

How We Typically Replace Garage Door Rollers

When you turn to us for Tempe garage door roller replacements, we’ll tell you exactly what we’re doing at all times if you would like. Here are some of the steps we usually take when we perform garage door roller replacements in Tempe AZ.

Preparation: Before starting the replacement process, we’ll disconnect the power source to the garage door opener to ensure safety. Your expert will then lift the door manually to the fully open position, and secure it in place using a pair of locking pliers or a C-clamp.

Removal of old rollers: Next, your professional will use a socket wrench to remove the bolts that secure the old rollers in place when performing garage door replacements in Tempe AZ. They’ll carefully pull the old rollers out of the tracks, taking care not to damage the tracks.

Measuring for new rollers: The next step is to measure the length and diameter of the old rollers to ensure we use the correct size for replacement.

Installing new rollers: We’ll then slide the new rollers into the tracks, making sure they’re properly aligned.

Testing and clean up: Finally, we’ll open and close the door several times to make sure the new rollers are working correctly and that the door is moving smoothly, and then clean up any debris or tools.

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If you would like to schedule Tempe garage door roller replacements with Arizona’s Garage Door Doctor, you can contact us online or call 602-495-1555.