Tempe Overhead Garage Door Companies

If you are researching Tempe overhead garage door companies because you have an overhead door that is no longer operating as it should, it’s time to call in the experts at Arizona’s Door Doctor. We have been servicing and repairing overhead doors for over thirty years, helping people get back to normal and businesses stay open.


Overhead doors are complex mechanical systems that have numerous moving parts, so you need technicians that have the skills and expertise to get the job done right. At Arizona’s Garage Door Doctor, we have the staff and experience needed to fix any overhead garage door:

  • Chain Drive Systems – This type of system is efficient and quiet, but it can be prone to wear and tear over time. Professional technicians from overhead garage door companies in Tempe AZ will typically inspect the tracks and rollers to identify damaged components then recommend a solution.
  • Belt Drive Systems – Dirt and debris can get caught inside the pulleys and interfering with their movement. This extraneous material can get into even brand-new systems if they aren’t sealed completely against exposure from outside elements which may create the need for a belt replacement.
  • Screw Drive Systems – Fixing this typically involves technicians from Tempe overhead garage door companies removing the door from its tracks and then removing the old screw drive. Once these two steps have been taken, we put in a new screw drive mechanism and reinstall the door on its tracks.


If you are in a commercial environment, we are committed to fixing your overhead door so you can carry on with your workday as soon as possible! As one of the top overhead garage door companies in Tempe AZ today, both industrial and residential customers benefit from our comprehensive services:

  • Overhead Door Maintenance
  • Repairs & Replacement Parts
  • Upgrades to your Existing Overhead Door
  • Sectional Door Replacement and Repair
  • New Overhead Garage Door Installations


Our customer satisfaction ratings say it all. We have won Angie’s Super Service Award multiple times! If you need service for your overhead door, and you want to go with the best Tempe overhead garage door companies out there, give Arizona’s Garage Door Doctor a call at 602-495-1555.